Tucker Triggers “Refuse Fascism” Organizer Who Says “Trump and Pence Operating Out of Hitlers Playbook”

Oh look another unhinged liberal! How can anyone take Sunsara Taylor seriously with her off the wall and ridiculous name calling against Pres Trump, claiming he is a fascist like Hitler with nuclear weapons? Pres Trump has done nothing even remotely fascist, yet the unhinged, intolerant, VIOLENT left continues with their daily meltdown. Apparently in liberal progressives demented alternative universe POTUS issuing Executive Orders, which invoke laws already on the books, is fascist and Hitler like.

These anti-American FASCISTS, that is what they truly are, will never let up protesting this new admin. This is how the next 4 years is going to be, where dopes like Taylor are calling for mass political protests and resistance in name of humanity against fascist with nuclear weapons! Hopefully the SOB’s will bankrupt Soros who is bankrolling this 24/7/365 movement.

Hillary LOST there’s nothing you can do about it. This nation has had enough of the participation trophies and entitlement mentality. If you don’t like it you can leave today. That’s how free this country really is, you’re free to leave no one is stopping you!

On a serious note, libs are getting dangerously close to pushing normal Americans red button with all these protests and threats. We know you’re going to amp things up, because we treat you all like the spoiled children you are, get more violent than you’ve already been. Word to the wise, don’t cross the line because the day is coming when those you push around are going to push back.. much harder. Those you take a swing at, are going to LEGALLY invoke their 2A rights! KNOCK IT OFF.