Trump Admin “Putting Iran on Notice” Over Provocative Actions (Vid)

Leftists are in another panic (what’s new) following National Security Advisor Gen Michael Flynn comments today at the daily White House press briefing. Flynn’s statement about Iran taking provocative embolden stance with ballistic missile tests and Houthi rebels (backed by Iran) attacked a Saudi naval ship (thought was US) are true, as they continue to advance their nuclear program. What is even more true is these actions are the result of the failures by the obama admin that has allowed Iran to become the threat they are. The General stating clearly “the obama administrations failed…” will hopefully be repeated by the President and others at every opportunity on every issue from national security to the economy, unlike obama always blaming Bush. Citing obama’s epic failures in office is far more effective than playing the blame game.

The good thing about any of this is we now have adults in the White House who do not take a backseat to a nation run by a death cult. If Iran wants to play chicken with the US they can try, but they will fail… miserably. Americans who grew tired of the abuse will welcome news of shots being fired across the bow of Iranian boats agitating our and allies ships or other actions to stop this menace to the civilized world. The Iranians will issue threats backed by their vast network of terror cells, which is fine, but we have Sec of Def Gen Mattis!