Pirro Warns Americans to Stay the Course As the Left Rewrites Rules to Further Their Agenda (Video)

Judge Pirro used two examples of how far the left has gone to change the rules to continue ramming their agenda and destruction of America, as we know it, through.

First Pirro ripped into federal judge Derrick Watson who issued a temporary restraining order against Pres Trump’s Executive Order travel ban. Watson claims people who are not citizens, let alone ever stepping foot on US soil, have/ are entitled to 1st Amendment rights, invoking the Establish Clause as a basis for his ruling. These leftist judges are completely out of control, engaged in a judicial coup undermining Trump’s presidency that Pirro believes should be impeached! Political opinion and feelings are irrelevant, rulings should be based on the Constitution nothing else.

POTUS has explicit plenary authority in the name of national security to stop ANYONE from entering the US. Furthermore immigrants DO NOT have a right to come to America! There is some twisted myth floating around everyone has Constitutional rights and can come to America if they want. NO THEY CAN’T anyone suggesting otherwise is lying! How is a state, Hawaii, who has never taken in any refugees all of a sudden is impacted by the TEMPORARY travel ban? Watson is lying, doing the bidding of the radical left and his good good FRIEND, who happened to appoint him to the bench, barack obama!

Speaking of lying, Pirro called out fmr DNC interim chair Donna Brazile for blatantly lying on national tv after claiming she never handed off debate questions to the Clinton Camp. Brazile finally came clean in a piece she did for Time but the damage is done. The judge called what Donna did “demonic”, especially since she shamefully used her Christian faith to be an honest person. No one in the leftist media has condemned Brazile either, all this is is another example of the institutionalized evil we see on display by the left.

Leftists are rewriting the laws and changing journalistic ethics to suit them. Meanwhile, as Pirro cites in her open, the left is demonizing all of us for sticking to our principles. We have to stay the course as she argues, not giving in to the attacks. What they are doing right now is Alinsky 101 on a massive scale. Do not back down no matter what they do or say. The left is wrong when it comes to the travel ban and what is and isn’t news.