Rep Gohmert: GOP Leadership ‘LIED’ to Trump About Obamacare Repeal (Vids)

“God bless him [Trump] he’s been lied to, we’ve been lied to, this is a bad bill. It keeps Obamacare in place in perpetuity you won’t get rid of it.”

Rep Louie Gohmert read the bill. Sen Rand Paul read the bill… it seems those who have read the bill are adamant Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill is a disaster. Pres Trump asking Ryan to pull this obamacare replacement is a smart move. Gohmert is right as painful as this may be for Trump right now it saves him from the democrats regaining majority and impeaching him for breathing!

IMO Trump doesn’t know the whole story, he is only being told the “good parts” by his handlers like Reince Priebus and Ryan, convincing him AHCA is the best deal.

#1 Paul Ryan DID NOT want to be Speaker of the House. Conservatives were against him being Speaker. Ever since he lost the 2012 Presidential election he went left joining the GOPe. If you think what he’s done with this healthcare bill is bad wait until you see what he will do with immigration! This is same guy who went dark after his 2012 loss working behind scenes with socialist Luis Guteirrez on immigration reform. This is the same Ryan who told town hall attendees in 2013 “We’re going to vote on a bill to legalize people who are undocumented”

#2 The GOP has majority after winning multiple elections because they PROMISED they would repeal obamacare. Voters elected these people on that sole issue. NO ONE asked them to create a bill that was a lite version. NO ONE asked them to take ownership of the very bill that is collapsing on itself. Obama and the democrats stand by their law, fine leave it in place, let it collapse they will be to blame because they are the ones thundering away it will be the end of the world if the GOPe’s version replaced it.

#3 “Millions are without health coverage,” fine then why not create something for those without and leave the rest of us the hell alone!?
NO ONE ASKED CONGRESS TO TAKE OVER THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. This is progressives (D’s&R’s) using a “crisis” to seize more power.

#4 If this bill is resurrected passes the House, makes it through the Senate those who vote for it will be primaried and thrown out of office. They better hope they’re replaced with a conservative otherwise Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker again.

#5 Gohmert and the Freedom Caucus ARE NOT to blame for the bill failing today (for now). They are standing on principles unlike the GOPe who have been smoked out supporting this law the people never asked for.