Border Patrol Council Pres: MD Teen Wouldn’t Have Been Raped if Border Was Secure, Argues Need For The Wall (Vid)

Border Patrol Council Pres, Brandon Judd, gave testimony at the Homeland Security & Govt Affairs Cmte to make it clear had the border been secure the 14 yr old girl in Rockville MD wouldn’t have been raped. Judd also warned anyone can breach the fencing that is currently in place, thus making the argument we need a more effective deterrent, aka WALL, in strategic locations!

One last thing must be made clear, Judd, Border Patrol and ICE agents DID NOT fail the American people. This girl’s assault is the result of barack hussein obama’s immigration policies being rammed down the Border Patrol/ ICE’s throat to enforce… err not enforce. Obama is to as much to blame for that girl being raped as the school districts ridiculous policies, and of course the low-lifes who did it. Obama prevented the law from being enforced. For years he and the dem party more or less rang the bell for illegals to come to the US with all the freebies they were offering at taxpayers/ citizens expense.

Americans need to start pointing the finger at democrats for all the problems we’re having with illegal aliens, it really is their fault!