Schumer Calls to Delay SCOTUS Appointment “While There is a Cloud Hanging Over” Trump’s Head (Vid)

What would that cloud be obstructionist Chuck Schumer, aka Harry Reid 2.0, was referring to during Tuesday’s dem leadership presser? The alleged Trump-Russian connection of course! Delaying the SCOTUS appointment only hurts the country, not Pres Trump.

The FACT the FBI and the NSA have been clear there was no collusion is irrelevant to this monster. The fact that democrats have no proof of any collusion between the Russians and Trump is meaningless as well. Frankly from the way it looks as of today, democrats created this myth with the hopes it would stop Trump. Every attempt they’ve made has failed, miserably. Schumer, the democrat party and the media they control have been on a witch hunt to destroy Trump’s presidency before he was even elected. They don’t care if they take this country down in the process either!