Pelosi: Obamacare Was An “Overwhelming Success”, GOP Making “Rookie Error” (Vid)

Nancy Pelosi is living in an alternative universe to even suggest barackobamacare was an “overwhelming success”. If left untouched, which GOP and Trump should really do, this nightmare failure of a law will collapse on itself. Cost overruns, skyrocketing premiums, people losing their doctors, level of care dropping, doctors and providers pulling out are not signs of a successful piece of legislation.

The worst thing about all of this, the GOP is a vote from taking ownership of the worst piece of legislation in US history should they pass their lite version! The vote on GOPe’s bill has been postponed because the swamp monsters leading the party can’t even get support for their own bill!

Pelosi is right, yes I said it, about one thing. It IS a rookie error for Trump and the GOP to rush their replacement bill through…


That is the only way to describe the democrats for ramming it through 7 years ago and the GOP thinking their plan which is as bad is a better solution.

NO ONE asked these career politicians to take over the healthcare system! We need an Article V Convention of the States ASAP to get term limits in place so we can keep these destroyers of the Republic out of office.