ABC News Pushes Propaganda Dems ‘Feel’ Gorsuch Seat ‘Stolen From Them’ (Video)

This rant, by “journalist” Cecilia Vega, is proof ABC News is a corrupt leftist propaganda network.

#1 SCOTUS vacancy, Scalia’s “seat”, DOES NOT BELONG TO ANYONE but the American people.
#2 The GOP DID NOT change the Senate rules. Fmr Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid and the DEMOCRAT PARTY CHANGED THE SENATE RULES.
#3 With regards to #1 it’s called the “Biden Rule”, DEAL WITH IT, there’s nothing you [democrats] can do about it. During the election many including this site argued the vacancy should be filled by whomever wins, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton!
#4 Healthcare “failed” because the American people DO NOT want obamacare or a lite version of it. The failure demonstrated the resiliency of those elected who opposed Ryancare to uphold their promise to constituents that they would repeal obamacare.
#5 The travel ban is being held up by corrupt liberal judges, many obama appointees, but is legal and Constitutional. This country will learn its lesson soon enough because of the hold up.

Thank you Ms Vega and ABC for making it abundantly clear you are not a news network but the propaganda arm of the democrat party!