Pelosi Politicizes and Questions Christian Faith of Opponents at CA Rally (Video)

For someone, a Catholic, who supports and promotes abortion, Nancy Pelosi has a lot of nerve questioning others faith. She and her ilk define hypocrites, they’ll tell voters whatever they want to hear but do the complete opposite. Progressives play to any group they have to as long as it increases their voter roles to secure their power in elected office. She couldn’t careless about any one’s faith, all she’s focused on is the money and power she gains from this kind of divisive rhetoric speaking at this End Child Poverty rally. Curious does ramming obamacare through causing price hikes, job loss and other damage to the economy help end child poverty? She, obama and the dem party (with GOP’s help) have run the national debt to unimaginable levels, it will in fact create more poverty when the bubbles burst!

Frankly it’s insulting to see such a divisive, hateful… HATE FILLED politician invoke religion as she has after the damage she has done to this country. Shame on Pelosi and anyone who buys into her deceit.