Rep Gutierrez Tells Jorge Ramos He Has Plans For Large Scale Protest on May Day (Video)

Luis Gutierrez is an insidious, seditious little fellow who likes to go on his pal Jorge Ramos’ show to talk about his plans for a protest on May Day. It would appear from this clip the socialist is community organizing some large scale act of resistance:

“We’ve already organized, in 33 states, 44 distinct activities. On May 1st, don’t make plans in Jose Andres’ restaurant, because its going to be closed, as are many others. And we are going to demand justice throughout this community, saying ‘No more’ to fear, ‘No more’ to terror in our community. It’s a day for us to say ‘We’re here, and we’re not leaving’ and we are going to raise our voice throughout this country.”

The Congressman clearly has a problem with federal law being enforced when it comes to immigration law, thus his alleged claims of “terror” in “their” communities. If you don’t like it in America, don’t like our laws let alone being expected to assimilate LEAVE!

It may be time for someone within the DOJ to remind the Congressman who swore an oath to the Constitution and United States. If this large scale protest actually comes to be there is no doubt we will see acts of violence committed by unhinged leftists who will be participating. That said he like other radicals in Congress are engaging in acts of insurrection, sedition and rebellion. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he will do something that will not only get him arrested but expelled from Congress!?