Howard Dean Doubles Down: Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’ Not Protected by First Amendment (Watch)

Following his absurd tweet Howard Dean appeared on MSDNC to double down that hate speech (re Ann Coulter) is not protected by the First Amendment.

Oh the liberal mind how selective it is when it comes to the Constitution. Sorry to tell you Howie but all speech, even the most offensive speech is protected under the First Amendment. Cite all the SCOTUS rulings you want (btw when did he become a legal scholar?) it’s not going to change the fundamental issue that people have a right to speak freely. No one cares how you interpret it. Coulter talking about immigration, calling people names etc is protected. Here’s an oldie but goodie when Megyn Kelly schooled Richard Fowler on the very issue…

My God how scary it is that Dean believes this and ran for POTUS. And who determines what is and isn’t hate speech? If we were to follow libs lead anything that is in opposition to their viewpoint would certainly be deemed offensive. Once again we have a hardcore progressive trying to set the rules of a game.