Tucker Grills Immigration Atty Protesting AG Sessions Tactics in Fight Against MS-13 (Video)

Tucker Carlson did a good job taking down liberal immigration attorney Patrick Young, but he dropped the ball by missing some double talk Young was using. Like a typical liberal, Young was conflating illegal immigrants with immigrants as he pathetically tried to justify his opposition to the tactics Atty Gen Sessions is using to stop MS-13. The left has been actively normalizing the two as one in the same in their never-ending quest to “legalize” illegal aliens. The left routinely whines and demands illegals be identified as “undocumented immigrants“, meanwhile these people like Americans are becoming criminal statistics at the hands of MS-13, which should be deemed a terror organization.

Americans do not have a problem with legal immigrants, we have a problem with illegal immigrants.. aliens. Atty Gen Sessions and even Pres Trump have been clear they are going after criminal illegal aliens, esp MS-13. This nonsense that illegals in the US won’t report crimes because of the crackdown on criminal illegals, as Tucker states, unproven.

With the trafficking of drugs, weapons and God only knows what and who else, MS-13 is as much a national security threat as other groups. Young’s position that the DOJ should back off from cracking down on rounding up criminal illegals because it will cause legal and non-criminal illegal aliens to not report crimes to the police is insane. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re aware of criminal activity you have a civic duty (legal or illegal in the US) to report it.