Charles Krauthammer Blasts ‘Condescending’ Obama, ‘Grateful That He’s Gone’

Charles Krauthammer eloquently brought the hammer down on obama, because he is clearly meddling with Trump’s presidency. Obamacare is a complete and utter mess yet lil barry soetoro is calling on congress to have “courage” in debate to preserve the worst piece of legislation in US history. Today it is obamacare, tomorrow could be North Korea or immigration policy. Regardless of what the issue is, obama is hanging around, just as I warned, because he thinks he’s important!

The man is and has always been a menace to this nation. Now as a private citizens with private security paid for by you he can interfere with our nations business. To make matters worse the news entertainment industry encourages and welcomes barry opening his big mouth.

The world and people have changed. We’ve learned things are much dire than we were told because this clown swept things under the rug for 8 years while he palled around with Hollywood. It’s time for someone to publicly address obama to let him no he is no longer president and to….