Dem Controlled Media Salivating to See Trump Impeached (Vid)

The democrat party controlled, fake news/ news entertainment media have been talking nonstop about impeaching Pres Trump. To date he has done nothing that is impeachable, yet the attacks and dreams are never-ending.

ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC etc etc all done stories about the new terror threat using laptops in Mar/Apr that Trump is being attacked for “sharing” with Russians! The New York Times outed Israel as Trump’s intel source yet he gets attacked and blamed for putting them in danger!

The coordination among these networks is unreal, and what you’re witnessing is Alinsky 101 being executed on a massive scale! The people at these outlets are vile, evil, disgusting and sore losers. This is all because Hillary Clinton lost the election. That’s what all of this bullshit we have to hear day in, day out is about.. the dems getting back at Trump for beating that witch!

Someday America you’re going to come out of this self-induced coma, when you do BURN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO THE GROUND, you have the power to do, you’re just afraid to.