DNC Staffer Had Contact With Wikileaks Prior to Murder (Vid)

How will the left spin this revelation from the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich’s private investigator Rod Wheeler? For approx 9 mos all we’ve heard is “Russia, Russia, Russia”, but according to the Wheeler, Rich communicated with Wikileaks before he was murdered!

It would appear the conspiracy theories were dead on, Rich’s murder was not a robbery gone bad. Btw who attempts to rob someone, kills them but doesn’t take anything!? Don’t worry democrats will find away to blame it on Trump and Russia. Since the dems have become the party of conspiracy, they’ll probably say the Russians assassinated Rich!

The real question that needs to be answered is who gave the DCPD the stand down order!? Probably the same people who have been pointing the finger at Russia, whining about the election and blaming everyone but themselves.

Some people have the worst luck on the planet of people close to them ending up dead… just saying