Harvard Law Prof Delivers Hard Truth on Trump-Russia Controversy That Will Make Dems Heads Explode (Vid)

To be clear Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is a democrat, but unlike the radical left he speaks the truth. That said when directly asked the billion dollar question “what if there is collusion” his answer will most definitely make libs heads explode.

Alan Dershowitz explains even if there was evidence, which as of now there isn’t, of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians it is not a crime! The professor goes as far as “to challenge anybody in the media or in the legal process to show me a statute that would be violated if there was collusion”.

America do you now see why this whole Russian collusion, impeach Trump yada yada is nothing but a witch hunt as Pres Trump has said?

The dems are making all this noise because they have already started the 2018 midterm campaign! They want the House and Senate back, and the Presidency, which all rides on getting rid of Trump.

Stop playing their games, don’t fall for their traps in debate. Challenge them on everything they claim, demand proof, do not settle for anything but facts.