Levin to Hannity: Schumer is Undermining the Constitution

Mark Levin appeared on Hannity and thundered away on Chuck Schumer over his over-the-top reaction following Pres Trump firing FBI Dir Jim Comey. The Great One was dead on setting the record straight with regards to the President’s power/authority to hire and fire people making it clear there’s no comparison between Trump and Nixon. Levin relentlessly hammered away on Schumer, the Rasputin,…

… calling him out to produce proof, to even name 1 person from Russia who allegedly colluded with Trump. He then slammed Schumer for being silent over Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions, asking why no special prosecutor was appointed after she jeopardized national security. Where are the special prosecutors over the unmasking, surveillance of Americans and foreign leaders, obama/Clinton regimes deal with Uranium One etc??

It’s pretty clear the meltdown we’ve been witnessing since election day just got a major boost when Comey was fired. Dems are so beside themselves they’re all becoming conspiracy theorists going as far as to suggest Comey’s ousting is sign of a cover up, started by Schumer. They really think Hillary had the election won but the Russians and Comey caused voters to flip their votes to Trump. That’s how low they think of you America, that you’re that clueless and uninformed.

We’re not even 4 months into this admin and look how unhinged these people are. They are desperate to get Trump out of office and the next violent protest will not be a surprise. It’s actually shocking they aren’t rioting every week.