Watch GOP Rep Collins ‘Fully’ Admits He Didn’t Read Healthcare Bill

Is anyone shocked to learn the GOP are as lazy and incompetent as democrats when it comes to doing their lousy job? If elected officials are not going to read bills then they shouldn’t be voting on them… they shouldn’t hold office! How many Congressmen voted today, to retain and rename obamacare, who didn’t read the bill like Rep Chris Collins?

Collins’ excuse that his staff read the bill and most likely advised him is beyond insulting. The people of the 27th District of New York did not vote for his staff, they deserve better! The same goes for anyone in Congress relying on their staff to do their work. If you don’t want to do your job RESIGN!

This is just one more reason why Americans should support an Article V Convention of the States. If these people don’t refuse to do the jobs the people hired them to do fine, we’ll just pass term limits to remove clowns like this from political power.

The GOP is just as bad the DNC, both are nothing but the two faces of the progressive beast. Vote them all out.