Cavuto Battles Sheila Jackson Lee Who’s Calling For Trump to Resign

Cavuto nailed it, Sheila Jackson Lee, and the rest of the democrats in Congress, wanting to remove Trump from office are doing it solely because they just don’t like the man. This sets a dangerous precedent and a clear abuse of power by elected leaders to remove a higher elected official from office over “feelings”! They have no legitimate basis, clinging onto every single conspiracy theory and “Hail Mary” to impeach the President.

Btw she didn’t care about all of obama’s power grabs, but now Trump invoking the rule of law concerns her to say “all the power now given to the executive”! What a hypocrite.

Watch and see the dems will try to suggest Trump is mentally unstable, per his tweets and outbursts, under the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, since the collusion conspiracy blew up in their faces. It they were successful don’t think for a second they’ll settle with Pence as POTUS.

The dems master plan is to retake Congress in 2018, remove Trump, then Pence and since they would have majority (under their dream scenario) they would install their Speaker (third in line) as the President! Sound’s crazy?! Do you seriously think if they got power in both houses they’d settle with a Pres Pence, if they in fact were to remove Trump? Democrats have proven themselves to be totally unreasonable and unhinged. They’re beside themselves over Clinton losing the election.

The attacks on the President, his admin and family, republicans and conservatives has not stopped. Even today we had another leftist insult and literally challenge POTUS to a schoolyard fight! They’re never going to stop, they’re out for blood.

We’re in the late 1850’s.