Pres Trump is Fulfilling Andrew Breitbart’s Goal of Destroying the Media

Pres Trump is going after the fake news/ news entertainment industry sending them into an absolute tailspin after tweeting out this video. The media of course is whining, acting like some privileged entitled class who shouldn’t be treated in this way, yet look at how they have acted! They viciously attack and berate Pres Trump and his family, his supporters, republicans, conservatives and TEA Party activists for years. Now that they’re getting a lethal dose of their own medicine the media whines… like little spoiled babies. These people really believe they are a privileged/ entitled class who should not be under any form of scrutiny or attack!

The media is upset that they no longer have a punching bag in the Oval Office to bully around as they have in the past. They, like their democrat party handlers, just don’t like Trump. For 8 years they were on cruise control with a fmr president who did everything they loved, running an anti-American/ capitalist administration. This time around there is not only a republican in office, but someone outside of the DC machine who is dismantling and blowing apart everything the Left and media embraces.

Donald Trump, by doing everything he is doing, is causing the media to go into one fit after another, tell one lie after another, and expose themselves as complete and total hacks is in fact fulfilling Andrew Breitbart’s goal of destroying the media!

Breitbart was clear as day in this clip from “Hating Breitbart” he wanted to literally destroy CNN, the New York Times and was “committed to the destruction of the old media guard”.

That destruction is now happening, as the media is just about hated by everyone, including some on the Left. The Fourth Estate was supposed to be the people’s voice and watchdog over the govt. They have become the Fifth Column, doing everything possible to push the progressive agenda and destroy anyone, including a President, who does not “get with the program”.

Was the WWE clip of Trump taking down CNN presidential? No. Was it entertaining? Yes. Does it justify calls for impeachment or to invoke 25th Amendment? NO. This is what Trump does, you’ve heard it a million times, you hit him he hits back 10 times harder.

If the media wants to stop this war THEY have waged not only against the President of the United States but his supporters, Republicans, conservatives and TEA Party activists then they need to start reporting the news. Taking shots at POTUS in almost everything story, blaming him and the Right for things they had nothing to do with must stop. Attacking people who condemn violence claiming they are calling for violence must stop. But none of it will stop, because the Left cannot control themselves. They allow their hate to drive everything they do and that will be their undoing because we’re in a new world, post pacifist obama. A new world with a President who is doing things the people want to see, hitting back at the bullies, including the bullies in the corrupt media.

While Breitbart was on record that Trump was not a conservative…

… if he were here today it’s safe to assume he would be happy to see this President making CNN, NY Times and the rest implode!