Clinton Now Blames American Form of Govt for Losing 2016 Election

If you thought Hillary’s whining after her appearance at codeconference was a final venting and one time event think again. It would appear this list of people and entities she is blaming for her 2016 loss needs another bullet point added!

Hillary doesn’t like and blames our form of govt, Republic, for losing the 2016 election….

Our system of govt is difficult on purpose. The Founder’s established the US as a Republic to keep tyrants like obama, Clinton and other radical progressives from becoming outright dictators. If she and her ilk had her way all she would have to do is campaign in 6 states to become President. Hillary isn’t stupid, she knows all of this and hates it because the electoral college stopped her from becoming POTUS. (BTW that is what she is really whining about in this clip without saying it). Direct democracy, aka MOB RULE, is what she and the radicals want that has produced the weak nations we have to deal with where govt bulldozed over the people. Go ask legal immigrants proud and thankful to be here which form of govt they prefer. I guarantee you that 9 out of 10 will praise the US form of govt and is one of the reasons why they came here (that goes for illegals too).