Watch Student Protesters At Evergreen Hold Administrators Hostage Over Demands

Evergreen State College is just the beginning of this new tactic we’re seeing deployed of the prisoners ruling the asylum! Give it time and the Ivy League snobs will have their own students turning on them too. These little domestic terrorists, that is what they are at this point, need a good old fashion lesson. It’s time to start expelling the ring leaders, fail participants and bring in the police to make arrests.

What are these “students” being taught in colleges and universities across America, that they think they can takeover and make demands? Are they being taught anything other than activism, social justice, and how to rebel?! What’s even more disturbing , if you can stomach listening through the vid, the faculty is agreeing with the little monsters, even to the degree of students being involved in hiring of faculty!

America these are your kids who think they have the right to hold school faculty hostage until their demands are met! Some of you are shaking your head, “No, not my kid”. Yea that might be true now, but give these progressive indoctrination camps four years alone with your kid, a good chunk of your hard earned money and say that!

Parents do you realize you’re paying for this?! You send your kid off to get an education and what comes back is someone who will probably hate you and despise everything you taught them.

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Unhinged RACIST Student Mob Takes Over Evergreen State College