CNN and Clinton Spox Attempt Damage Control on Ukrainian Collusion Scandal

The Democrats colluded with the Ukraine is a legit story and example of what real collusion looks like. Not surprising, CNN and Clinton mouthpiece are doing everything they can to minimize, or rather trivialize it. Opposition research is now deemed a crime by the Left when the right does exactly what they do. Look at what Trump is accused of vs what Hillary, and really obama, have done. Trump camp in a nutshell is accused of, remember there’s no evidence, getting dirt on Hillary. Hillary and obama have literally made deals with the Ukrainians and Russians… and the Iranians! Let’s not forget collusion isn’t a crime, which is why dems do it, but when their own tactics are potentially used against them well that’s treason!

Frankly, I’m beyond tired of this “Russia, Russia, Russia” and collusion thing. Democrats you do realize what you’ve done here on a larger scale? It is the biggest boy who cried wolf story that could ever be told. When something real, serious, even dangerous happens no one is going to listen. CNN has gone from whats left of a news network to the propaganda arm and attack dog of the Democrat party. You’ve over-played your hand, but by all means keep going into 2018 and 2020.

via Twitter > @RedNationRising