Obama Appointed Fed Judge Defying Supreme Court Ruling on Travel Ban Must Be Impeached

Hawaii federal judge Derrick Watson, appointed by obama in his second term, has once again acted against Pres Trump and taking things to a new level by now defying the Supreme Court ruling on the Travel Ban. Watson has “ruled” pretty much all family members are exempt from the ban/ restriction. Keep in mind this Executive Order is an attempt to get a handle on who is coming into the US, to shore up the vetting process that Watson has now blown apart.. AGAIN.

This man is putting US national security in jeopardy. Terrorists are not grown in a test tube, they are in fact grand parents, grand children, brother & sister in-laws, cousins etc that Watson has ordered are permitted to enter the US.

Congress granted POTUS the plenary power to take action on issues of national security. Watson is violating the balance of power over his political views and feelings. Since when does a federal judge have a say on issues of national security? WHEN we get hit he and all the other radical progressives who have done everything possible to stop this President will have blood on their hands.

There is but one solution in dealing with judicial activists like Derrick Watson > impeachment. The American people must put pressure on Congress to take action in filing articles of impeachment against this rogue dangerous judge. If they fail to act, to set a precedent, stopping judicial activism more of this abuse of power will come from others. Congress’s failure to act will ensure they will be run out of office because the American people have had it with them

PS: Now have you learned a lesson that elections have consequences? Watson was appointed at the beginning of obama’s second term. People, including yours truly, warned people during the 2012 election about obama stacking the courts with radical leftists judges and he had to be stopped. We begged voters to consider the courts but they didn’t listen. Those that sat home choosing not to vote for Mitt Romney, who are now complaining, blame yourself, we wouldn’t have Watson now if you would have just listened.