Watch Maxine Waters Get Wigged Out During Live Interview

Oh boy the pressure of the Trump admin is getting to Maxine Waters. She is suffering from such a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome she became Wigged out during this MSNBC interview over republicans defending the President.

Maybe republicans are defending the President because they, like most Americans, are tired of this utter nonsense bullshit about Russian collusion, obstruction or whatever else the modern confederacy is cooking up! To this day not one shred of proof has been produced to support Waters or the confederates claims. She claims it’s pouring in; where, from whom? The MSM, who conveniently gets it “info” from anonymous sources? Russian operatives with DIRECT ties to the obama administration?

Spare us.

Speaking of leaks, with all the leaks we’ve seen over the last 6+ months you would think something hot and devastating would have surfaced by now. Think about that, think about the volume of leaks, but nothing even remotely close to a broken law!

Wiggy Waters knows this and she is losing it, short circuiting as you just saw in this video. More is coming, especially when someone starts knocking on her door over how corrupt and rich she got on a govt salary!

  • Ruth Davis

    I always knew she was a witch. She has a witch’s wart on the left side of her nose. Take your witchery else where

  • Barb McFadden

    Crazy old bat.

  • Mary Ridosh-Spalding

    Hey, you dumbass degenerate, SHOW ME THE MOUNTING EVIDENCE!!

    • tobydawgz

      To date… still NONE!

      • Mary Ridosh-Spalding

        Exactly what I figured, and now, since they can’t get our President on any conspiracy, they now go after his son! What a waste of taxpayer money, If they want to investigate every little piece of crap they dream up let them pass the hat and chip in for these investigations!! Let it come out of THEIR pockets!!!

  • bobmead1960

    Can Californian’s get rid of this wacko? What am I saying – Californian’s knowing how to vote for the right person? Who was that person?

  • Jim Wallace

    that wannabee old white lady wig is to tight for her oversized head there’s an old saying ” don’t let your mouth overload what your ass can’t control. Another Caleefornica full of fruit and nuts.

  • disqus_XII4HMHJJn

    That woman is a idiot.

  • Josephine Durso Pinzel

    Hey dingbat Batshit crazy Waters what evidence ? There is absolutely none. Go home and retire we are sick of you and your foolishness.

  • awolonline

    This woman s a babbling idiot. I can’t even listen to her anymore …

  • Texan001

    COLLUSION is not a crime.