Judge Pirro Blasts the Left Over Russian Hysteria

Judge Pirro took the democrat party and media apart over the fiction they have been peddling for months attacking Pres Trump and his family with claims of collusion, obstruction and now treason. With attacks coming from the left now focused on Donald Jr, Pirro had enough calling dems and obama admin out as the ones who are really colluding with the Russians, citing plenty of examples.

First things first as Pirro states, collusion isn’t a crime, talking to Russians isn’t crime either let alone treason since “we’re not at war with Russia”. She went as far to say if she was running for office and the devil offered info on her opponent she would take the meeting and then made it clear so would anyone!

Pirro added some historical fact into the mix to demonstrate the US has meddled in elections and pointed out how the obama admin interfered with Israels election. Pirro continued on hitting obama hard over how he did nothing about Russia even though he and his admin knew Russia was attempting to interfere. The Left truly believed Hillary had election in the bag, so they weren’t worried about any attempts from the Russians. One of best examples of collusion committed by obama she cited was when he pulled the missile defense system out of Poland. It makes no sense, until you tie it back to that infamous hit mic session. The case she lays out against him, and the Clinton’s, is what collusion really looks like.

What the Left is doing is trying to indoctrinate… brainwash the public that something really bad is going on with the admin when it isn’t. The republican party standing idly by remaining silent isn’t helping either, as she points out. What we have are 2 corrupt political parties fighting each other to remain in power, stay relevant and screw the President but also we the people who put him there!