Sen Durbin: “We’re Moving Closer and Closer to A Single Payer Option”

Single payer is the only “fix” democrats will agree on as barackobamacare collapses. Dems were expecting Clinton to be in office right now to make it happen with ease, but they still have hope for it even now under GOP majority. Make no mistake about it many progressive republicans want single payer too, they’re just afraid to admit it! They ALL will continue to manipulate the system to do as Durbin suggests move us closer to single payer.

If it wasn’t made clear in the past we already have single payer/ govt controlled healthcare, it’s called the VA. It’s working so well another vet killed himself in Amarillo! Dems want to model the European model which showed us even babies have no chance, as the case with Charlie Gard.

Govt controlled healthcare is people control.