GOP Rep Destroys MSNBC Host Who’s Still Trying to Sell Obamacare

Even as obamacare is going down in flames Leftist propaganda organizations like MSNBC continue to sell the worst piece of legislation in US history. Ali Velshi, like other propagandists, does his best to argue for 0care and under the same breath uses the Left’s new tactic to shift the reason for obamacare’s failure is on the GOP!

Rep Jim Jordan has the unfortunate job of having to explain everything obama, his regime and networks like MSNBC pushed were outright lies to the American people. No one has saved money, costs have skyrocketed, people have lost providers.. you know the drill. This law was DOA from day one because it was/is nothing but a vehicle to get to single payer. Sorry dems the American people aren’t interested in single payer. We’ve already seen how govt controlled single payer healthcare works via the treatment of veterans at VA hospitals. And while it’s not American the Charlie Gard story is another example that govt controlled healthcare doesn’t work. It does show how powerful death panels are though!

If you want socialized medicine go to Europe, Venezuela or Cuba and leave us the hell alone!