Sen McCain Returns to the Senate, Attacks Conservatives “To Hell With Them!”

Sen John McCain, recently diagnosed with cancer, returned to the Senate for a procedural vote to repeal obamacare and gave a speech following the vote. He spoke about unity, humility and the need to trust each other and then ranted
“Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the internet, to hell with them! They don’t want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood…”

No Senator you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Those “bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the internet” are true conservatives who are the only ones telling the truth about what you crooks in Congress are doing to this country. They care more about the US than any of you profiteers. It is you career politicians who put your livelihood over the public good. You guys in the GOP PROMISED voters if we give you the House, then it had to be the Senate and finally the White House, you would repeal obamacare; while also undoing other damage done during obama’s reign of terror. Voters reelected YOU as well as others, gave you the majority and you have done pretty much NOTHING in 7 mos. TO HELL WITH YOU and the rest of the NEOCON/ RINO PARTY.

You guys go right ahead screwing us, sandbagging Trump’s agenda and you will lose power. Senator, you will be replaced and this country will be set a blaze because your failures NOW will result in democrat control in the near future. That will result in Speaker Pelosi, POTUS being impeached and more power grabs by the most anti-American democrat party this country has ever seen.

Do you G*d DAMN JOBS, get Trump’s agenda moving or get the hell out of the way.

FYI for those who are actually read this, the Trump-Russia witch hunt being run in many committees “by dems” is chaired by republicans! Let that stew in your head for few minutes….