McConnell and Ryan Are a Cancer to Pres Trump’s Agenda

Pres Trump’s agenda to put America first, move on healthcare, true tax reform (we got some tax form but it wasn’t an end to the IRS and a Flat Tax which is what this country needs), border security, the economy etc is all being hindered by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. These two have been preaching to voters and their party “we need the House”, “we need the Senate”, “we need the White House” to get things done.

The clock is ticking, if Trump and the GOP don’t start racking of some legislative wins they will get bulldozed in 2018.

I don’t care what you think of Glenn Beck, you can hate him with ever fiber of your being, but you cannot deny he is 100% right here, Ryan and McConnell have to go!

The American people have given the GOP power that these two, who were always at the forefront promising the world to voters, are now doing next to nothing. They sit idly by while the democrat MINORITY continues to hold the nation’s business up. Many appointed positions within the admin remain unfilled because of the dems who are holding up the confirmation process. Bills brought to the floor go nowhere, regardless of the fact the GOP holds majority. When the democrats held majority they pushed obama’s agenda through despite resistance from republicans. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and co appear to still be running things in Washington because the Senate Majority Leader (McConnell) and House Speaker (Ryan) are completely incompetent. They put on a show they are on Trump;s side but remember he is taking a sledgehammer to everything the two and their ilk stand for. They will gladly let Trump think he is winning while they do nothing making him look bad. These guys will be damned if they allow an outsider to come in to undo everything they’ve been working towards. The two act on what is best for them and the elitist progressives who have infested Washington.