GOP LIED to Voters, Senate Fails to Pass Full Obamacare Repeal

For 7 years we’ve heard the GOP preach and promise they will repeal obamacare. They campaigned on it to get your vote and donations. In 2012 when Mitt Romney was running for POTUS the narrative changed to “repeal and replace”. In the years that followed the GOP voted multiple times to repeal obamacare including last ditch effort under obama in Dec 2015 with an almost unanimous vote that he vetoed Jan 8th 2016.

The GOP told us over the last 7 years “we have to have the House”, we gave it to them. Then they said “we have to have the Senate” we gave them majority there. Then they said “we can’t get anything through, obama vetoes everything we put in front of him, we have to have the White House”, so we gave them the White House. We gave them Trump who just said this week I’m ready to sign whatever bill you put in front of me. That said logic dictates the House and Senate would vote and pass the same bill they passed in 2015 that obama vetoed. NO of course that didn’t happen. Today the Senate voted and failed to pass full repeal of obamacare. Six republicans showed their true colors voting No:

Alexander, Capito, Heller, *McCain, Murkowski and Portman.

America these “people” took your money promised action in return for your vote they have now failed to deliver. They do not deserve to serve another day in office. They never had any intention of repealing obamacare. They voted in favor in 2015 because they knew obama would veto it. They knew a Yes vote would look good to you when they campaigned and begged for your vote and money.


Ya see it’s like I said, nothing has changed since Nov 2016/Jan 2017. It’s the same old nonsense, nothing will changed until all these politicians are thrown out of office.

*John McCain, props for your service, but it ends there. You do not get a pass for being a LOUSY politician because you showed up to vote after surgery and being diagnosed with cancer, nor the torture you endured at the Hanoi Hilton. You are clearly a hardcore leftist progressive masquerading as a republican. Please do us all a favor, retire, take care of yourself enjoy the rest of your life as a civilian.