Why is the Media Ignoring Wasserman Schultz-Awan IT Scandal?

Held back covering this scandal because wanted as much info flowing before I chimed in. Instead of posting some long-winded op most people will never read I tweeted out what I think and the reason why it’s being ignored….

More info is surfacing since I made these tweets. So I reiterate, until proven otherwise Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC, Imran Awan his brothers.. family really, are behind all of this “DNC was hacked”, Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. The motive is clear, the DNC and the media hate Trump, they want to destroy him. Why cover a story that would blow apart your narrative to brainwash the masses over the last year!?

Look at the access the Awans had to House members emails, iPads, Blackberry’s etc. Why? For “IT support” at a cost of $5M!? No sorry something stinks here.

The destruction of hard drives is a clear demonstration they have something to hide. We saw the same thing with Hillary, and for the record the DNC to this day refuses to give the FBI access to their servers they swear were hacked! If you were victim of a crime why wouldn’t you hand over any evidence to law enforcement that may help you?! From the looks of it DWS and the dems gave these IT experts the keys to the House who did God only knows what with the data Awan and family had access to.

Keep in mind up until yesterday, after his arrest, Awan was still employed by DWS!

And go back to when DWS more or less threatened DC PD to get the laptop back.

She is blatantly engaged in obstruction of justice, but you’ll never hear that from the corrupt media. You’re not hearing anything from them actually on this scandal.

The media will not cover this scandal because they are complicit with protecting democrat lawmakers whatever nefarious activities they are/ were engaged in and do not want attention diverted from the Trump-Russian collusion hoax.

On one last thing, not once was this guy or his family’s nationality ever brought into this. It has nothing to do with islamophobia, or any other ridiculous excuse the left will conjure up!