Socialist Sen Sanders Can’t Explain Why Single Payer Failed in VT & CA

Single payer is progressives end goal for healthcare in America, as it provides the govt total control over the people. The treatment and “care” we’ve seen in the VA and across the pond with Charlie Gard is the type of care they want for all Americans, while elites like themselves will be exempt.

Single payer is such great scheme it’s already failed in Sanders’ home state of VT and can’t even get off the ground in CA! The socialist (closet communist) can’t even give Tapper a straight answer why, citing Canada’s system. A system that is so wonderful Canadians come to the US for care! Don’t even try to argue that I have personally met people from Canada who have told me so! The same goes for other countries with nationalized healthcare, their people come to the US!

Regardless of the fact it’s already a failure in VT and CA, we have clear examples of how bad single payer will be, again via the VA & Gard, democrats… socialists in govt want and will push for it as barackobamacare fails. The American people never asked for govt run healthcare, but those in power think we need it even though they will continue to have their Cadillac plan!

Here’s the deal America, we shouldn’t have to be on whatever healthcare scheme these commies cough up unless they too are on the same exact plan!