Tucker Destroys Sanctuary City Supporter

Tucker Carlson battled Jose Aristimuno, fmr DNC Deputy Press Secretary, who supports sanctuary cities over the impact they’re having providing refuge to hardened criminals like Sergio Martinez. Martinez, a meth head, has been deported 20 times only to return again and sexually assault a 65-year-old woman.

Aristimuno had the audacity to claim sanctuary cities are some of the safest places in the US. That statement is false since we have Martinez raping women. That example alone is enough to shut him down but he continues only to have Tucker counter, making it clear there is no evidence to make such a claim. How can a lawless city be safe?

Pro-sanctuary city leaders and law enforcement are in fact aiding and harboring criminals, while putting American citizens in danger. These cities are in full violation of immigration law yet nothing is being done to stop them.

In response to Aristimuno arguing illegal aliens should not be identified as such, why? These individuals do not have legal status to be in the US, thus they are here illegally. These individuals were not born nor are not native to America, thus they are alien. When you combine the two you get illegal aliens. Furthermore, these people are NOT undocumented immigrants. To call them that is beyond insulting as it suggests these people are legally in America but there was a mix up with their immigration papers, they forgot them or the dog ate them. This is a deceptive act by the left to convince the uninformed illegals are here legally. And one last thing Leftists are deliberately conflating legal immigrants with illegal immigrants in debate. This again is to confuse and convince the uninformed to push for open borders and “comprehensive immigration” The only reason Leftists want illegals in the US is with the hopes of getting them legalized so they can vote. Democrats know they’re losing support, they want this untapped pool of potential voters so they can have one party rule.