Alt-Left Media Hacks Politicize Flood Blaming Climate Change (Video)

You know the drill America, never let a good crisis go to waste. The alt-left media quickly jumped to politicize and blame the hurricane and Houston flood on climate change.

Climate change is a myth, the very title is proof of that as “experts” once claimed the planet would go into another ice age only to reverse that everything will heat up. Do not fall for any of the lies coming from the alt-left media. The Houston flood is historic, but that means it had to break an existing record from the past, that record had to break one and so on! Climate change is a new thing, yet wasn’t an issue in 1950 or further going all the way back to the Great Flood!

The climate is changing, it’s called the weather. We had a perfect example of how quickly the weather can change a week ago during the solar eclipse. As parts of the nation went dark there was also a drop in temperature. The Sun has a direct effect on the planet’s temperature, but you won’t hear progressives speaking on this. God help us all if the Sun gets a “fever”, it’s going to get very hot!

This flood is an example.. a lesson of the fraction of power Mother Nature possesses. It is insulting to suggest puny mankind has enough power to alter the planet’s temperature and climate. On the grander stage mankind is nothing, our entire existence is one hatch mark on a 100 foot ruler.

These monsters in the alt-left media couldn’t careless about facts, they want to politicize tragedy, attack the President of the United States and push their radical desire for fundamental transformation.