Tucker Battles Dem Strategist Who Denies Black Lives Matter Is Racist (Video)

Dem strategist and attorney LaDawn Jones appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend Black Lives Matter and it’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Jones agreed with Cullors statement comparing Pres Trump to Hitler and the literal “epitome of evil”. She carried on adding to Cullors statement that Trump pardoning Arpaio is an attack on minorities. Jones then stated Trump was making the media into scapegoats the same way Hitler had done to the Jews!

When Carlson questioned (clear set-up) Jones whether BLM is racist she denied, even going as far as to say she heard nothing about it. Anyone with 2 brain cells knows BLM was blatantly discriminating against white attendees, supporting BLM, at their rallies that Tucker cited. This group is as racist as they get and quite dangerous taking part in many of the violent protests we’ve seen coast to coast.

By her answer at the end of the clip it’s okay for BLM to be racist because it’s not their intent but anyone else doing what they do is clear act of racism! Double standards from the unhinged radial left never ceases to amaze me.