AZ Dem Congressman Attacks Pres Trump, Calls Him a “Racist” and “Abject Liar” (Video)

This is quite fascinating, POTUS went from being a Russian operative to a racist over night! Curious if he is a racist where is all the old footage of his racist ways? Does Rep Gallego know Trump dated Kara Young, who is biracial!?

Wouldn’t that make him a hypocrite to be a racist yet date a girl who is biracial? Lastly, do we need to point out the minorities who did come out to support and vote for him, those he has close relationships with and employed etc?

What you have here America is the new narrative that POTUS and his base are white supremacists and racists. The unhinged radical Left KNOWS the race card, while overused, still works because people run to the hills the moment they’re tagged as such. Then again if you didn’t support Bernie or vote for Hillary you are a racist to begin with so no need to cower to false claims. The Left is absolutely desperate to remove this man from office and retake power in Congress. You know the drill, when they have nothing, Russian conspiracy blew up in their face, these monsters pull the race card.

All you need to do is remind them they ARE the party of slavery, kkk and Jim Crow! Do not allow these radicals rewrite history to hide who they really are!