Jesse Jackson Calls For Confederate Flag & Statues and Electoral College to Come Down (Video)

Jesse Jackson took to the microphone, at Al Sharpton’s Ministers March for Justice on 8/28, calling for the removal of Confederate statues, flags and end of the Electoral College. Why? These things are representations of a war long ended, “evil, secession and slavery, sedition and segregation”.

The Electoral College has NOTHING to do with the Confederacy, slavery, sedition or segregation. The fact it’s included in this rant is all you need to know Jackson, and the radical Left’s, attacks is a front to dismantle America.

In reality Jackson like all communists wants to see America’s past erased and the structure of our government changed into direct democracy, aka mob rule, like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea etc. That’s what he means by “one person, one vote democracy”.

This only confirms Bill O’Reilly’s recent warning that this new push from the Left has nothing to do with the statues. They want to destroy America. It always starts small then grows once the spineless Right hands the Left enough “scalps”. Stop taking the statues and flags down.