Mark Levin: ‘This is a Coup’ FBI is Leaking to Destroy the President

The volume and velocity of leaks coming out against Trump is at an unprecedented level, by individuals who care more about their party (D & R) and agenda, than national security. Mark Levin has been warning and making it clear special counsels never rest until they get someone. The establishment wants to destroy Trump because he is an outsider who has upset their system. What better organization to get that done than the FBI.

Mueller’s investigation seems to be getting a boost from his pals in the FBI which leaves you to wonder how many obama loyalists are there within the Bureau? Doesn’t stop there, the establishment on both sides of the aisle are out to destroy Trump too, as Levin lays out. He is dead on saying the US sounds a lot like third world Venezuela right now. What we’re seeing confirms conclusion I made last year after Comey let Clinton walk: The US is a Banana Republic, we have 2 sets of rules: one for the people, the other for elites. What you’re seeing play out with this witch hunt by the democrats, media, Mueller and the FBI confirms that, because Trump is an enemy to the DC machine.

One thing you need to understand with all this nonsense you’re hearing, collusion, which is at the heart of the investigation, is not a crime. This witch hunt is based on a lie purported by the democrats and media because they can’t except Hillary lost.

This is a coup..