9/11 Never Forget

WARNING: The Images & Videos Are VERY Graphic.

A little salt rubbed in the wound is what this country NEEDS because far too many have forgotten and have become complacent since 9/11.

While many sites will present tributes to the heroes and fallen with subtle messages and imagery, sorry to say but you won’t find that on the next page with raw pics, videos and audio as events unfolded. The further we get from 9/11/01 the more we need to be reminded what happened and to take every measure necessary to protect this country. The enemy is still out there, al Qaeda, ISIS they’re not gone, regardless of the headlines. When you least expect them to show up is when we’ll see them again. They’re patient in their cause, testing probing us until they find another opportunity to strike. Low-tech strikes are their new MO in the West using knives, vehicles, acid etc. One day they’re going to come up with the right formula where Americans will pay a large price. Massive low-tech small attacks across the US would strain this country’s law enforcement resources, so we have to be vigilant. Best way to keep sharp is to remember what happened, getting that raw feeling we all had that kept us on alert.

You have been warned, click here to view STR 9/11/01 Never Forget

9-11 attack