CNN’s Sanders Says White People Don’t Get to Dis NFL Protesters (Video)

CNN contributor and fmr Bernie Sanders press sec Symone Sanders expressed her “black privilege” today, yea I said it, saying white people do not get to tell black folks, in this case NFL players taking a knee, what they can protest! Okay so if white players start protesting the systemic reverse racism going around will Sanders be silent or condemn them as racists? When our flag, national anthem, troops and law enforcement are being disrespected why can’t white people have a say!? Ben Ferguson is correct this has nothing to do with race, this all started over Colin Kaepernick’s attack on police (that in itself is misleading when you know the back story on Eric Garner, Mike Brown etc) and now these “protests” have expanded to just about every whiny little grief libs can come up with that NFL players gladly promote.

There are black soldiers and police who are being disrespected by the way in these childish “protests” by uninformed, spoiled rich athletes who need a wake up call. It would be nice if they would speak up to help squash the idea everything is about race. The Left wants everything to be about race because they know people cower moment charges are made.

Radical Leftist black pundits, like Sanders, bitch about everything always twisting things to make them about race. They condemn, and shame as Sanders does to Ferguson, anyone who questions them and labels the accused as bigots, racists and haters. That’s just a sample of black privilege on full display, they can pull the race card say anything they want and God forbid anyone ever calls out their hypocrisy or mischaracterizations on an issue.

Here is the full segment if you can stomach this race hustling nonsense.