Sen Feinstein, “Americans Are Gun Happy” Can’t Name Any Law That Could’ve Stopped Las Vegas Attack (Video)

Yes Senator, Americans are gun happy. We like our freedom and how the Constitution affirms our God-given/ natural right to self-protection. Sen Feinstein and her progressive ilk hate being reminded of this. Anyone paying

When Feinstein admitted she couldn’t name any laws that could stop the attack, those paying attention to the gun debate should have had a good laugh when she said “I’d have to take good look and study it”.

This woman has been a Senator for 30 years, doing everything possible, “studying it”, to disarm the American people. What could she possible have to look and study to answer this question? Frankly the US Senator lied to Chuck Todd! She wants to see the Second Amendment repealed and the American people disarmed, by force if necessary. Feinstein doesn’t have the guts to say it, she doesn’t have to either, her actions over the years are proof.

Most of the bills Feinstein proposes are very wide and vague providing the opportunity to have other elements included in them. She and her ilk aren’t just going after bump stocks, but also anything that enables a semi-auto to operate like them.

The coming legislative move is really against semi-autos, because the fact remains they only discharge 1 round per trigger pull. Semi-autos will fire as fast as the trigger can be pulled, where as automatics will continue to fire for as long as the trigger is pulled and not released. Progressives can’t ban a fast finger pulling on the trigger, so they must go after all the devices including the heart of all semi-autos the triggers! Watch and see America, Dianne’s bill will include language to include the fire control mechanism.

The Left will never be happy until all the guns are out of the hands of citizens. An armed citizenry has been the wall in progressives way from total takeover of this country.