Judge Pirro Demolishes Hillary For Blaming the GOP & NRA for Las Vegas Attack (Video)

“Time for you to go back into the woods”

The Judge delivered an epic opening statement calling out Hillary Clinton for blaming the NRA and republicans for the Las Vegas attack. Clinton is not only a political opportunist, at the expense of innocent Americans for political points, to go after gun rights but also for ignoring the dead every weekend in the Chicago killing fields!

“Cold, calculated, manipulative” are understatements in describing Clinton. She, like all the gun grabbers in the democrat party, couldn’t careless about the victims in Las Vegas, or those who will be killed this weekend (& month) in Chicago. 58 people were killed by the monster in Vegas, yet not one eye batted over the 57 killed in Chicago in Sept! Hillary is must be a racist for ignoring black community getting gunned down every weekend, guess Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter when it’s not politically expedient! Clinton and the Left didn’t seem to care about the body count in Mexico either, as the obama admin ran guns to the Mexican drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment.

Democrats, Clinton and their ilk want law-abiding gun owners disarmed but didn’t have a second thought when they handed $150B to the Iranians, who continue to with the nuclear program. Think about that you can’t have an evil black rifle but the Iranians get billions and are building nukes. And as the Judge points out, Clinton wants us disarmed but she was more than happy to give 25% of our uranium production to the Russians! She made money off the deal from the same people who allegedly screwed her in the election by helping Trump (No proof to this day I might add!)

Pirro’s open is a collection of reasons why Hillary LOST, and we should be happy, even after the Las Vegas attack. Imagine how bad things would be if Clinton was running things right now! She wants to stay relevant in the political word when as Pirro suggests she needs to go back into the woods!

There will be no more conversations on guns, it was settled 12/15/1791.