CA Dem Leader Defends DREAMers: This is Their Country (Video)

CA State Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon boldly and proudly proclaimed everything should be done to give DREAMers everything they need because “This is their country” during a town hall meeting. CA Attorney Gen, Xavier Becerra, sat and grinned ear to ear, as Calderon made the declaration , now that the state is officially a lawless (sanctuary) state. It’s beyond offensive to hear an elected leader say it’s the state’s (aka tax payers) job to provide illegals with everything they need! No one cares how they got to America be it 6mos or 60 years old, you entered the country illegally you get nothing but a ride out!

Illegal aliens (incl DREAMers,) are entitled to nothing, they have NO rights, but this is the mindset of CA leaders who are officially on record, with Gov Brown, making the state lawless. The only “right” illegals are entitled to is an immigration hearing. They DO NOT have Constitutional rights, anyone saying so is a liar. Constitutional rights are only for citizens, the Left wants people to believe it applies globally, but it doesn’t it’s not a treaty with the world! The problem is, the Left are masters at language and propaganda where they know if they lie long enough it becomes a fact!

These elected leaders have in fact violated federal immigration law making CA a sanctuary state. Under 8 U.S. Code § 1324,§ 1327 (but not limited to) they are aiding and harboring illegal aliens which is punishable with actual jail time. Will AG Sessions issue a warrant for their arrest? No, and because of that he should step down.

Cutting off federal funds isn’t enough, we need arrests made. The problem is we have no one willing to do it.