Sen Blumenthal: We’re Breaking Grip of NRA (Video)

Whenever there is a mass killing, active shooter or terrorist attack I cringe because I know Progressives will use it to advance their anti-gun agenda. They’re anti-gun because the Second Amendment stands in the way of advancing their twisted dream of a utopia. It can’t happen if those they want to control are armed and will resist if pushed to the edge.

Sen Blumenthal is lying to his supporters by suggesting banning guns will end gun violence. Guns aren’t the problem, they’re inanimate objects being used by people to kill people which is the real problem.

Some liberal actually proved this during a twitter spat…

For the month of Sept 57 people were killed in Chicago, where was Blumenthal, rest of the DNC, media and Hollywood who are all calling for more control and outright gun bans? This just goes to show they don’t care about the Las Vegas attack victims, let alone those killed in Chicago.

For the record, there are no reports out confirming, of the 23 recovered, the 12 weapons with bumpstocks were in fact used. There’s a high probability they were, but to conclude they were is irresponsible. Jumping to pass legislation without all the facts sets a dangerous precedent.

The NRA doesn’t have a vise grip on anyone, they stand up to people like Blumenthal who blatantly violate our inalienable rights.

The attack is nothing but a vehicle for democrats to advance an agenda for power and control. The last time they pushed gun control they lost seats in Congress, so by all means push for it again!

  • Ron

    To start with Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country! Chicago doesn’t allow people to own guns in their home without paying a $150.00 fee and getting a serious background check. Then they are given an FOID card that states they can have 1 gun in their home! Have these restrictions helped Chicago’s gun related crime? Of course not! Removing guns from normal law abiding people or making it so difficult to own a gun will not stop a criminal from getting one and shooting people! And Chicago is one of four states that still does not allow open carry. Most criminals will not attack anyone if they see a gun sticking out of their pocket! More control of guns will not stop the criminal. In fact it makes it easier for them when they know they can’t be shot back at!

    • RGS48

      They need to stick there gun control. We will never give up any of our guns. Never going to happen. First they need to take guns away from street thugs