MSNBC Host Suggests Repealing 2nd Amendment Should Be End Goal (Video)

MSNBC’s Katy Tur isn’t really letting the big secret out, the Left wants to see the American people disarmed. Repealing the Second Amendment is the end goal for the Left, but they know it’s almost an impossible feat as they would need 2/3’s vote in Congress and 3/4’s of the states ratifying to make it happen.

In the meantime the Left unleashes their best weapons; the media and dangerous politicians. Through the media misleading information is constantly pumped out, over how weapons operate and the use of cooked up statistics, to gain public support against weapons. Then you have politicians running to the cameras and microphones piling on “people don’t need military style weapons”, “these are weapons of mass destruction” “…weapons of war”, while they introduce vague widespread inclusive legislation. Sen Dianne Feinstein is the expert on this, if she had her way there would be legislation banning one part of a gun yet within said bill every single screw, spring, roll-pin and even types of machinery people could have access to would be included!

Tur is correct suggesting repealing 2A is the end goal, but progressives are taking their time. They are slowly chipping away on our rights and what we can and cannot own, until one day so much has been regulated away a repeal will be easy to get through!! Don’t say it can’t happen, they ARE chipping away right now and stop thinking in the immediate timeframe. Progressives work over the long-term, this plan may take 50-100 years to complete, unless something more drastic than what we’ve seen happens (which would be pretty bad). Look at what they’ve done over the last 100 years.. it can happen!