Progressive War on Columbus is Another Signal Left Wants to Destroy America (Video)

By now you’ve surely heard all the attacks on Columbus and calls to rename the holiday “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. It’s the same old song and dance from progressives, that the explorer was a racist, he his crew and those who followed raped pillaged and committed genocide (directly and indirectly via bringing disease).

Progressives are masters of language, so it’s no surprise how effective they can be with revisionist history. Case in point, Prof Jason Nichols boldly states 200K people were wiped out. First off, with regards to disease that’s clearly not intentional, these people didn’t think that way. Second, Columbus, an Italian, did not kill anyone when they arrived in the America. To be quite frank the killing started after he left. It was the Spaniards, who stayed behind, who are responsible for the killing, but you’ll never hear the Left, especially in academia, admit hispanics killed native Americans! We always hear their version of what happened, and yes some bad things to happen, like Carlson says the history is complex, when he returned but there was bad blood on both sides, especially with those pesky cannibals!

If you want to know more about the founding of America from Columbus to Washington check out The Light and the Glory

That said, Carlson’s opener nails the true intentions of the Left, that this site officially called out a few weeks ago. Progressives true goal is to use racism and white supremacy to destroy America. The protests are not about the Confederate flag and statues, and those of the Founders and Columbus, it’s about destroying racist America. The whole country is bad, we gotta erase everything and restart, that’s what they want, that’s the brainwashing kids are getting from elementary school to college.