Maxine Waters Attacks Trump, Promises Impeachment, During “Non-Political” AIDS Walk Speech (Video)

Maxine Waters is obsessed with impeaching Donald Trump for simply existing at this point. To this day not one shred of evidence has ever been produced of collusion or obstruction of justice. Well actually it has… but it involves Hillary, obama, the Russians and some uranium! You would think with all the leaks we witnessed over the last year the smoking gun would’ve been produced, but nothing, because they have nothing on him. None of that will stop this unhinged, dangerous, corrupt, sorry excuse for a politician from lying to the public while she promises to impeach Trump.

Take note Waters spoke for a total of 2:25 minutes (including praise for organizers, applause etc) in a speech, for an event, that was to be non-political on AIDS before attacking POTUS! “This is not a political event. We don’t know what this president will do or say or tweet from one day to the next. Don’t forget this is not a political event but I’m headed toward impeachment.”

Did her non-political speech end there? No of course not, Waters continued on ranting about obamacare, scaring attendees, with no proof, that its repeal would have detrimental effect on AIDS patients and other people with pre-existing conditions. This nut then suggested Trump only wants to repeal obamacare, “sabotage” it, because obama’s name is on it, not that it is collapsing on itself, which she also pinned fault on him for! “In other words, Trump’s goal is to sabotage our nation’s health care system just because a major health care reform law has President Obama’s name on it.”

Curious for someone calling for the Presidents impeachment she’s done nothing to make it happen, why? Day after day she calls for his impeachment but has yet to submit Articles of Impeachment on the House floor. Reps Sherman and Green at least have the guts to make it happen. This witch is just saying it to get airtime on all the networks to fatten her wallet!