Pelosi Admits Bump Stock Ban Opens Door For More Gun Control (Video)

Nancy Pelosi, like many Leftists, isn’t hiding the desire to implement more gun control following the Las Vegas attack. She admitted during today’s presser she hopes the “Bump Stock” ban will in fact be a slippery slope leading to more legislation to restrict Americans inalienable rights to self-protection.

Pelosi pushed the need for a select committee on gun violence as if that will come up with the solution to stop maniacs, criminals and terrorists who will never follow any law such a committee will come up with.

Without missing a beat Pelosi pushed the need for universal background checks, claiming NRA members support it, regardless of the fact we already have background checks(she admitted to).. thanks to the NRA!! They just want something new, because 1 “something has to be done” 2 it gets them closer (as warned on this site that they’re slowly chipping away at 2A) to weapons ban. There is no compromise with democrats, they want the European model for America where people are disarmed, left defenseless.

There will be no more compromise on gun rights in this day and age, with ISIS and other monsters running loose. Dems say “let’s have the conversation”, we already had it and settled it 12/15/1791.