House Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Pres Trump (Video)

Unhinged democrats incapable of accepting Clinton lost the election because she was a LOUSY candidate, and frankly a horrible human being, think they can remove Pres Trump from office. Why? According to Rep Steve Cohen, Pres Trump has violated the Constitution by obstructing justice, alleged claims of violations to the Emoluments Clause, undermining the judiciary and freedom of the press.

If Pres Trump violated the Constitution many of us who support him, but were Ted Cruz supporters til the end of the primaries, would be the first ones to call him out for any violation. Trump has in fact done the opposite what these dems claim, where his actions have in fact been based on existing law.

POTUS can and fire anyone at anytime in the Executive Branch, so obstruction with regards to the firing of Jim Comey is out. Violations of Emoluments Clause are unfounded, but if true then it should be another charge against Clinton when she served as Sec of State, and I’m willing to bet obama made a buck or two while in office! Violations of the judiciary, what are they talking about? POTUS can pardon ANYONE for ANY REASON, if you don’t like that power being delegated to the President amend the law. Undermining the press, how’s that? The press is full steam ahead like any other day trashing POTUS. They can do and say what they want, when they want and where they want. There has been no action restricting the press’ First Amendment rights.

In the democrats world Trump is guilty of enforcing laws already on the books, because they hate any law/ reg that hurts their cause or allows him to call out their bs! These guys are standing high and mighty in defense of the Constitution, but where were they for 8 years when obama was blatantly stepping all over it, practically on the verge of taking a match to it at times?? Nowhere, because they’re full of it. Dems only care about the Constitution when it suits them, they would gladly poor gasoline and take a match to it right now if they could!

What’s sad about this, people will gladly open up their wallets and checkbooks to bankroll these poor excuses for Congressmen and run to the polls to re-elect them.